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This Mumma Bear

In this photo not only did I pay to get my makeup done I also got my very first spray tan. Although this photo is me, this is not who I am.

I am a Mumma Bear who has lost colour from staying inside whilst in a newborn bubble. I am a Mumma Bear who hasn't worn makeup in years, who loves wearing pajarmas and who lives in a cluttered toy scattered house with her family.

Some days I do miss the person I used to be, but I love the person I have grown into. Now I have a one year old cub and couldn't imagine doing anything else. This is why ive decided to open my own business revolved around what I love. Therefore Darling Cub Boutique is made from love, understanding and mounds of gratitude for those who become a part of this community. Your support helps keep this Mumma Bear at home with her Darling Cub x

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